10 Great Strategic Benefits of Blogging

Search Engine Marketing

Blogs give you an increased presence on major search engines, like Yahoo! and Google. A well-written, routinely updated, keyword-oriented blog can enhance your chances of garnering high rankings on search engine return pages.

Direct Communications

Blogs provide a way for you to speak directly, openly and honestly with your customer.

Brand Building

Blogs serve as another channel on which to promote your brand and company.

Competitive Differentiation

Because blogs give you the opportunity to tell your story over and over, they help set you apart from the competition.

Relational Marketing

Blogs allow you to build personal, long-lasting relationships with your customers that foster trust.

Exploit the Niches

Blogs help you fill your particular industry niche.

Media & Public Relations

Blogs are excellent PR tools. The media calls you, not your competition.

Position You as an Expert

Blogs enable you to articulate your viewpoints, knowledge and expertise on matters pertaining to your industry.

Reputation Management

Blogs help you manage your online reputation.

Low Cost

Blogs are inexpensive to set up, operate and maintain.

Now there are 10 great reasons to blog: What are you waiting for?


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  1. cool one!! keep rocking

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