Google Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. Make sure all your important keywords should appear in your title, description, content and alt tags of your web page. This increases your keyword density and helps in boosting your ranking.
  2. Write articles, give away freebies and make your site a quality site with fresh content. Sites will automatically link to you thus increasing your link popularity.
  3. Here’s a cool trick to find out if you are listed in Google. Type this URL in your browser
    Google will return to you a complete list of all pages that lie on that exist within the Google catalog.
  4. You can also find out how many sites that are listed in Google are linking to your site. Here’s the trick. Type this URL in the browser and watch the results.
    Google will return to you the number of pages which link to your web site in addition to a listing of each URL.

2 Responses

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