Windows Live Writer FTW

Windows Live Writer FTW

It’s a little known fact, but deep within the labyrinths of Microsoft there is a team of rogue ninjas making a fantastic Windows blogging client.

Ninjas Killed my Family

Obviously some of you have already discovered the coolness that is Windows Live Writer because we found it was our most used blogging client, but XML-RPC usually accounts for fewer than 10% of our posts so I thought it would be nice to introduce more of you to the concept.

What’s XML-RPC? It’s a cool technology that allows things that aren’t WordPress to talk to your blog. When Flickr or Youtube posts to your blog, or you use a desktop blogging client like Windows Live Writer (WLW to its friends) they use XML-RPC.

Why should you use a desktop blogging client in the first place, when the web works so darn well? Well personally I fly a lot, and WLW can work offline without an internet connection, so I can create, edit, categorize, and do everything I want to and then when I get online at home it’ll be magically synced to my WordPress. Because WLW a regular Windows program as opposed to something inside your web browser they’re able to do some pretty neat things with the interface and provide a good experience for blogging.

Windows Live Writer

A few weeks ago a new version of Windows Live Writer was released that supported all sorts of neat WordPress extensions to do things like edit pages and have a quick link to your stats, but we didn’t blog about it then because we were making this neat page that talks about all the benefits.

If it sounds like something you’d dig, you can download WLW here (it’s only a few megs) and read their ninja blog here.


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