clarion driveeye records car crashes automatically

This new gadget out of Japan could save you lots of time and money if you ever get into a car wreck. It’s a little camera that mounts on your car’s windshield records vehicular accidents.

Clarion DriveEye Digital Accident Camera

The Clarion DriveEye camera automatically senses emergency braking and captures video before, during and after an accident. A G-force sensor detects aggressive braking and then automatically triggers a digital recorder.

Clarion DriveEye Digital Accident Camera

It saves 15 seconds of footage in its buffer from right before the crash occurred, and an additional 5 seconds after impact. Since the device has no moving parts, and is encased in a heavy duty magnesium alloy housing, it should withstand all but the nastiest fender benders.

The camera can also be used to manually record video whenever you want, so I guess if you want to record your street racing escapades, you could.

The DriveEye is currently only available in Japan, and can be found from Yodobashi for ¥49,800 (about $412 USD.)


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  1. thats great!!

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