Intel builds fastest processor ever

Intel announced on February the 11th that it has built a computer that is capable of performing 1 trillion calculations per second!

The reason behind this enormous jump in performance is a new approach of stacking memory in three dimensions directly on top of the chip, which makes the transfers really fast.

Although it’s not ready for the current x86 architecture PCs this new technology will become available in 5 years or less. Also it only consumes 62 watts of energy, which is quite impressive, considering that my own computer’s processor consumes more than that.

Although it’s release it’s still distant, this proves that there is still plenty of running to do in the never ending processor race.


Boys will be boys

Boys will be Boys

Still I need to write anything? D

I am just posting this for fun, not mean to hurt anyones feeling towards Indian Cricket Team, its just for fun so guys and gals don’t take it seriously. I also love our Indian Cricket Team and I am wishing them for great future ahead.

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