“Yahoo-Microsoft deal” Will they beat Google?

On July 29, 2009, Yahoo and Microsoft announced a partnership in Internet Search and advertising. Under the deal, Microsoft agrees to provide the underlying search technology on Yahoo’s popular Web sites.

Yahoo, being one of the biggest giant companies in the Web Industry lags behind in providing the best search engine on the web. The search results that Yahoo provides are not that deep which its competitors are providing. It means, somewhere the technology Yahoo is using in its search engine doesn’t have the power to crawl the web pages throughout the web. It takes more time to get the page listed in Yahoo search results in comparison to its competitors. With these drawbacks, Yahoo’s competitors have got an edge over it.

Microsoft, the father of technology, recently launched a new brand search engine named as Bing. It has been observed that Bing has the modern features embedded in it but Bing has failed to capture the market share in search engine and advertising. Unfortunately, today Bing is struggling to survive in the industry even after having the brand name with it.

Now, Microsoft and Yahoo have joined hands together to give a better search engine to the public. It is assumed that they are merging together to compete the leader in Search Engine technology, i.e., Google. Google has maximum market share and is satisfying its users to the maximum extent. While making a search on web, the first name strikes to the mind is “Goolge”. It is as fast as a rocket shot in the air, providing the in-depth search results and giving maximum satisfaction to the users. It has joined hands with the browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is the browser which has taken an edge over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer(all versions). This again gives a huge benefit to Google to retain its marketshare. With the latest technologies and great ideas, Google is leading the race of Internet Search Engine and Advertising.

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With this fight to lead, a few things are still unquestioned.

– Will Yahoo and Microsoft succeed to takeover the market of Google?

– Will they be able to generate the best ideas and use the high-level technology to beat the Search Engine and advertising giant i.e., Google?

– Does Google has that power to withstand the technological attacks of the two big names?

I believe, even if Yahoo and Microsoft succeed to takeover the business of Google, Google will be the winner because it would alone fight the battle with two big brands in the industry. On the contrary, if they would fail to beat Google, then it would be a BIG LOSS to the two companies.

Fortunately, Google is in a better codition in any of the two situation.


Orkut Enabled HTML Scrapbook

html code in scrapbook – how to insert/embed image and other contents in scrap

Hi, all orkut users, you will be surprised to know that orkut has now html embedding feature, like any other networking site. You can now insert image, video, youtube , google video, animations and whatever possible with html code. You just need to know about little bit of html code or you can simply copy paste the code provided by many other supporting sites which provide codes for their relevant images and animations like myspace and others.



Here is few simple steps to do it: Say if you want to insert an image which is on other link.

I am selecting this image free icon

which you can find on this link: http://www.freeiconsweb.com/Freeicons/rabbit_icons/chat.png

So you just need to put in well html code format, you can do it with <img> tag like this below:

<img src="http://www.freeiconsweb.com/Freeicons/rabbit_icons/chat.png“>

that’s it just copy paste this code in scrap and post it, it will get converted in relevant image.

Lots of other similar images can be found at this link: http://www.freeiconsweb.com/rabbit_icons.html

Note:- You can only scrap these kind of scraps only to your friends in list.

New Fantastic Looks for Orkut

Orkut New Looks

When you think Google, you picture primary colors; when you think orkut, you see blue. And though we’re updating the look, we’re staying true to blue. We’ve added some rounded corners and new icons that make orkut look a little more sleek and modern. Check out a screen shot of the new homepage.

We’re rolling it out to groups of users at a time over the next week.

Coming Soon: A New Look!

Remember the first time that you logged into orkut? Maybe you received a coveted invitation from a friend, heard about it in a blog, or stumbled upon it when searching for a social network on google.com. But no matter when your first login was, whether yesterday or 3 years ago, you were greeted by the simple blue site with a friendly purple logo that remains the same today. Looking back, our site has grown up a lot. We’ve added features like photo and rich content scraps, favorite videos and feeds to make it easier to communicate with your friends and share content. We’ve also translated the site into 12 languages so you can add orkut friends from all over the globe. Since our network has grown, we’ve had thousands of suggestions through our Help Group, Help Center, focus groups, and of course from our orkut friends. The one comment we always hear is how orkut’s simplicity keeps long-time users coming back and new people signing up. So as we work away planning improvements to the site, we always keep this in mind.

Today we’re announcing our latest improvement to the site: an updated look! Just as you change your profile picture to keep with the times, we’re updating the look of orkut. The change isn’t live yet, but starting soon, we will start rolling-out the new look. To start, we will roll it out to a small group of users randomly selected, and will continue to do so until everyone is on the new site. We’ll tell you a little more each day, so come back to the blog to get a few sneak peeks.

Google HeadQuaters

Google’s HQ, otherwise known as Googleplex, is situated in Mountain view, California in Silicon Valley. Throughout the corridors between the four buildings, there are all sorts of Google memorabilia on display. They even employ guides who specialize in explaining Google’s history to people. There are lava lamps everywhere, as well as free coke and candy all over the place. They’ve also got huge multicolored exercise balls everywhere.

People’s workspaces are full of individuality, and the atmosphere is relaxed. There are couches everywhere. People can have a lie down when they need to and take a break.
Google’s staff loves sports. The big guns often have meetings at the pool table or in the corridors.
The casual atmosphere in Google HQ can be demonstrated by the fact that staff can bring their pets to work, and the pets are allowed to wander around the office.
Heaps of people have pets at Google HQ.
There’s a rule within Google: that there must be food within 100 feet of every employee.
There was once an engineer who felt a bit ripped off about that rule because his nearest food counter was 120 feet away, so he asked for the error to be corrected, tongue in cheek. The relevant department replied: “There’s a restaurant right above your desk, and you are definitely less than 100 feet from that one.”
This looks more like a toyshop than a workspace!
Rumor has it, a dude who had just joined Google had not been able to find a flat, so he lived at Google HQ for a month. He lived a lot better than Tom Hanks in The Terminal. Meals are provided, couches everywhere, there are showers in the bathrooms, a gym and a swimming machine. There are even pianos in music rooms you could use. Better than the facilities at home! The dude didn’t leave Google HQ for a month straight.
It’s all fun and games!

Whiteboards at Google HQ are filled with all sorts of great (or not) ideas in all sorts of different languages.
There’s free food all over the place, it almost look like a supermarket.
Hmmmmmmmm chocolate!
There’s also a free laundry room for use for the staff.

Link Popularity

Your key to high search engine ranking

It seems like more and more search engines are using link popularity as a part of their ranking process. Google certainly follows this method and uses it as its most important factor for ranking sites. Other big search engines like Altavista, Hotbot, MSN, Lycos, Northern Light, Inktomi, Excite are following by using link popularity as part of their their ranking algorithms.

What is Link Popularity?

Literally speaking, link popularity means the number of sites linking to your site. However, this does not mean that you should aim at getting thousands of sites linking to yours. However, if you are aiming to get a high ranking in the search engines, you need to know that the quality of links is more important that the quantity of links. If your site is linked to many popular sites then you are sure to get a higher ranking than if it is linked to hundreds of unpopular sites. The idea behind link popularity is that other sites will link to you only if you are a quality site offering quality resources. So, if many sites link to you it follows that you are a popular site and therefore deserve a high ranking.
Look at link popularity as a way of getting more traffic to your site. So, by getting other sites linking to you, you are not only ranked higher in the search engines, you also have a large volume of targeted traffic coming to your site.With the competition increasing daily, getting a good ranking in the search engines is of utmost importance. If you really want a high ranking with the search engines, you need to follow a focussed linking strategy.

Let’s look at some of the linking strategies you can adopt:

  1. Writing articles on your area of expertise
    Writing quality articles is a sure way of attracting visitors to your site. What could be easier than writing what you know about? So write a great article, find sites that are related to your area of service and submit your article to all those sites. If it’s a quality article it’s a sure bet. For e.g. we offer free website design and promotion tutorials on our site.
  2. Reciprocal Links
    Asking webmasters of other sites to link to you is a good way of getting links to your site. Politely ask the webmaster (preferably using their name) to add your link to their site. You could tell them that you have added their link to your site, give them a brief description of what your site is about and how it will fit into their site. If you have a good site most probably other sites will want to link to you.
    Tip: A great way to find people who may be willing to link to you is to check your competition’s link popularity through a search engine. You can do this by typing: link:/www.yoursite.com or through an online tool such as linkpopularity.com.

Other link popularity strategies involve submitting to FFA’a or Free For All page and submitting to all the major and minor directories.Finally, every week or so, make a list of the new sites which you know have linked to you over the past week. Also, have a look at your site statistics and find out the new sites from which you have received traffic. Submit each of these pages to the search engines. This ensures that the search engines have spidered the pages which are linked to you.

Google Tips ‘n Tricks

  1. Make sure all your important keywords should appear in your title, description, content and alt tags of your web page. This increases your keyword density and helps in boosting your ranking.
  2. Write articles, give away freebies and make your site a quality site with fresh content. Sites will automatically link to you thus increasing your link popularity.
  3. Here’s a cool trick to find out if you are listed in Google. Type this URL in your browser
    Google will return to you a complete list of all pages that lie on yourdomain.com that exist within the Google catalog.
  4. You can also find out how many sites that are listed in Google are linking to your site. Here’s the trick. Type this URL in the browser and watch the results.
    Google will return to you the number of pages which link to your web site in addition to a listing of each URL.

Google – submission, listing and ranking

Google seems to be rapidly becoming the most popular search engine. Submitting, getting listed and getting a high ranking in Google can get you a lot of traffic, usually even more than Yahoo. Google uses link popularity while ranking web sites which results in quality search results therefore making it a favorite among most web searchers.

  • Submitting to Google
    You need to only submit your homepage to Google. It will automatically index the entire site. Don’t submit individual pages of your site.
    Tip: Google’s crawler Googlebot will follow all the links in your site. So make sure all your pages are linked otherwise some of your pages will not get indexed.
    Submit to Google here
  • Getting Listed in Google
    Getting listed in Google is usually very fast. We got listed within 2 weeks and all our new pages are usually listed within a month. The time frame depends on their crawl schedule and how many other web sites are in queue to be indexed before ours. In our experience, Google usually lists a site within a month.

    Tip: Make sure your web site is ready before you submit it to be listed. Google will index your entire site, content and all. It takes keywords from the metatags as well as the content. You’ll find that Google will send you the maximum amount of traffic (in our case it is triple of what Yahoo send us – and Yahoo is supposed to be the #1 Search Engine), so time well spent on your web site will pay off in the long run.

    Tip: Google usually indexes sites during the 2nd week and lists new content during the first few days of the next month. We usually see our new content added on the 2nd or 3rd of the month. A safe bet is to wait for a month to see new pages listed.

  • Ranking in Google
    Getting listed in Google is pretty easy but what really matters is your ranking. The best way to get a high ranking in Google is to have many sites linking to your site. As Google uses link popularity as its most important factor in ranking web sites, getting many sites to link to you is your best bet in getting a high ranking. Get quality links and increased visitor traffic with only minutes of submission efforts!

    Tip: Try to develop quality content which is different from what other sites are offering and you’re guaranteed to get a high ranking in Google. Think of specialized keywords instead of using generic terms. Using generic keywords would usually land you in the 30th or 40th page whereas using specialized, or a combination of keywords would get you in the 1st or 2nd page of search results. Think of writing articles that others have not written and you’re sure to come up in the first 10 search results. E.g If we were to write an article on web design we would probably come up in the 100th page of search results, whereas if we were to write on ‘Creating Swap Images in Fireworks’ we would probably come up in the first 10 search results.