Searching about celebrities may be a Risky Affair

New York: It could be a risky affair if you are searching about celebrities like Brad Pitt or Beyonce on the Internet. As cyber criminals are now using their names to lure web browsers, an internet security firm has dubbed the actor and singer the most dangerous celebrities to search for on the internet

California-based McAfee said PCs of the fans searching for information and pictures of Pitt, have an 18 percent chance of being infected with a virus, spyware, spam, phishing and adware.

“Cyber criminals employ numerous methods, yet one of the simplest but most effective ways is to trick consumers into infecting themselves by capitalizing on Americans’ interest in celebrity gossip,” explained Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee’s Product Development & Avert Labs. “Tapping into current events, pop culture or commonly browsed sites is an easy way to achieve this,” he added. Web surfers looking for celebrity gossip, screen savers and ring tones are often directed to fake Internet sites that look legitimate but pose a risk to the security of their computers, according to the company.

Pitt and singer Justin Timberlake are the most dangerous men to search for on the internet, while Beyonce and Heidi Montag, the star of the reality television show ‘The Hills,’ top the list for women. Other celebrities on McAfee’s most dangerous list include singers Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Fergie and film stars Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz and George Clooney.

Green said Americans’ obsession with following celebrities’ lifestyles make them obvious targets. “We have to take precautions in casually navigating the Web since many subtle sites may be rife with malware for consumers’ computers,” he said, referring to software designed to infiltrate computer software without the consent of the owner.

Malware includes viruses, worms and spyware, which are computer programs that report back to a third party a user’s activity and Web-surfing habits. The reasons for planting spyware range from simple marketing purposes to more serious things like stealing files or passwords used to access sensitive financial information.



Taraji P. Henson to play Brad Pitt’s mom in a new movie — you read right

Taraji P. Henson will play Brad Pitt’s mother in a new film called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Confused yet?

Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett headline David Fincher’s upcoming “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Even superstars need moms though, and Taraji P. Henson is playing Benjamin (Pitt)’s mom, Queenie.

“I age from 26 to 71,” said Henson. “It’s early 1900s mixed with modern times and flashbacks. I play Brad Pitt’s mother because he’s born with this rare aging disease, left on my doorstep and I adopt him like any good southern woman would. My character runs an old folks home and a lot of the extras were senior citizens.”

The story has Pitt age backwards, and mommy is there most of the time. “She’s with the beginning, she teaches Benjamin Button everything he needs to know. Then there’s a part where he goes off into the world to become a man, then he comes back. He comes back home to momma. So there’s one little segment I’m not in but pretty much the whole movie.” (Source)

Look, I’m happy that Taraji will be “getting that money” in the big leagues with this movie, but this story sounds like a true mess! My brain hurts trying to wrap my mind around all of that info. And really, “Queenie”? You mean to tell me they couldn’t name her Mary? They should have just called her Big Mama and gotten it over with.

Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix – Releasing today

Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

Cast : Daniel Radcliff as Harry Potter
Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange
Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid
Warwick Davis as Filius Flitwick
Ralph Fiennes as Lord Woldemort
Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbldore
and many more…

Produced By : Heday Films Production

Directed By : David Yates

Harry Potter



In “Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix”, Harry returns for his fifth year of study at Hogwards only to discover that much of the wizarding community has been led to believe that the story of the teenager’s recent encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort is a lie, putting Harry’s integrity in question. Wors, the minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, has appointed the new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher, the duplicitous Professor Dolores Umbridge. But Professor Umbridge’s “Minsitry-Approved” course of defensive magic leaves the young wizard woefully unprepared to defend themselves against the dark forces threatening them, so at the prompting of his friends Hermione and Ron, Harry is conviced to take matters into his own hands. Meeting secretly with a small group of students who name themselves “Dumbledore’s Army”, Harry teaches them how to defend themselves against the Dark Arts, preparing the corageous young wizard for the extra-ordinary battle that lies ahead….


Harry potter

Harry Potter