Sambath Uon and his best pal Lucky

Best Friends

Sambath Uon and his best pal Lucky

The struggle to find that perfect pet for their child can send some mothers and fathers loopy.

Luckily for the parents of six-year- old Sambath Uon, his best friend slithered right into his lap.

The boy refuses to go to bed without the 6m (20ft) Burmese python named Lucky.

‘I love the python like my sister,’ said Sambath. ‘All my friends are jealous of her.’

When Lucky first slunk into the Cambodian village, she was 50cm (20in) long and Sambath was just three months old.

His parents tried to return it to the forest three times but she kept coming back.

Sambath’s mother, Kim Kanara, said: ‘We would find it asleep next to Sambath. They have slept together every night for the past six years.

‘She is a member of the family now. We shelter, feed, bathe and even pray to her.’ Lucky, or Chomreun in Khmer, is thought to have healing powers.

Mrs Kanara added: ‘Some recovered from sickness after being blessed by her.’


11 Responses

  1. If it’s a real story then this family was really brave who kept that larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrge lucky with them and the little child hmmmmmmmmmmm having a very large sister …………………

  2. cool but scary.
    if its true that the snake came back after they took it to the forest then maybe the snake is one of his past life friend or something. in my culture, we believe that when something like this happen, its maybe someone from a past life or something and that promise to meet in the next life, but unfortunately one of them just happen to not become a human.

  3. You are a crazy, this snake can kill and eat that kid and crap out his bones. People need to give up this facination with these dangerous animals they do kill people.

    • Yeah it seems crazy.. but it is in front of you…

    • zeke, if you were talking to me then yes it sounds crazy. but sometimes things like what i said happens.
      maybe its like what i said or maybe not. i mean the snake did stick with the boy for a long time.
      and yes, a large snake like that could kill a small boy like that.

      • yeah ofcourse a big snake like that can kill this small boy. But these people have tricks to handle snakes and the most interesting thing is that they have the trick to remove the poison from any breed of snake. When I was kid, I too took a big snake in my arms rolling through my neck near Haridwar(India). The old man(owner of that snake) asked me to take the snake in my hands and I did that. I have a pic too. You can check it in my orkut profile. 🙂

  4. yup, i agree. =]


  6. Things may happen anytime.
    You’ll never know when it gets hungry~~

  7. […] longer than males. Hopefully this continues to be a happy tale…via [bigpicture  ankitbhatia  chive]  /* Like 9 Wows for daily content like this! 0 Comments   Category: Animals, […]

  8. I just found this site on the net.. I think that it is outrageous.
    All this kid has to do is cut himelf, and the smell of blood,
    would be too much for the snake to resist..Some morning
    the parents will wake up to a fat snake and a missing boy!

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